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Web Site Optimisation Tips

Web Site Optimization Tip #1

Find the best keywords and keyword phrases used to search for your site on search engines. Use words and phrases that are likely to be used to search for the product or service you are offering on your web site. Chosen keywords and keyword phrases are put in the title, meta tags and page text so the search engines will index your site for maximum placement.

Web Site Optimization Tip #2

Web Hosting Support High-density usage of keywords and keyword phrases in the page text. Check whether the words in your text are relevant to the title and meta tags for each page. Using a Meta Tag Analyzer edit the title, meta tags and your page text to gain a higher relevancy score, and increased usage of search keywords and phrases in page text.

Web Site Optimization Tip #3

Use the ALT attribute of the <IMG> tag. Some search engines include the ALT attribute of images and graphics in their indexing procedure. When describing images and graphics using the <IMG> tag, include your main keywords and keyword phrases where possible.

Web Site Optimization Tip #4

Be careful with frames. Many search engines treat frames as separate links within your site, which may cause the spider to have to revisit your site as it traverses other links. To avoid any problems, use the <NOFRAMES> tag in your main page to include descriptive text and keywords/phrases.

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