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Searching for suitable domain names is all part of the fun often associated with building a new site. Whether it's a personal or business site, choosing the right domain name is very important.

When thinking of a suitable domain name, keep the following in mind:
a). The domain name system is not case sensitive (it does not matter if you use capital letters or lower case letters), and
b). Shorter domain names are easier for customers and clients to remember.

For e-business, it's best to register a domain name that ends in either .com, .net, .biz or
Domain names are registered in either your business (or organization) name, or your own name, and with you as the name registrant (name holder).

6 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name
For some, it is very difficult to choose a domain name for their website. Here are some important tips which will help you to choose a domain name.

1. If you have selected a name of your domain but found out that it is not available then don't be disappointed, try other extensions. That is if .com is not available for particular domain name then try .net, .biz etc.

2. Best domain names are supposed to be generic name like, etc. But most of these are already registered. Add some names related to your market like

3. Try adding "s" or "ies" like plural words into your domain name. It is possible that particular domain name may be registered in singular form and not in plural form.

4. Whenever feasible use your website title as your domain name. This may seem to be very obvious but in practice very few websites follows this method. You may add your name in your URL. This way your customer has no difficulty in finding you.

5. If you want to select between a short domain name and the domain name which is long in length then choose the short one. Since, it is very easy to remember the short word than a long word. But most probably the short domain name may be already taken by someone. Long words in your domain names, means that it may contain more keywords. We believed that some of the search engines use domain name's keyword as one of the criteria for their search.

6. If your website only appeals or deals with a particular area or country then it is better idea to register your domain name with specific extension like which will show the web site's origin.

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