Problems with Outlook or third party email client information

Problems with Outlook or third party email client information

With the increased amount of spam being sent now days, many of the larger connection providers have started to adjust their settings. Changing port numbers etc and/or disallowing the use of third party email clients. This is a good working fix for them but invariably disrupts the performance of Outlook, and some other email clients programs.

Outlook is notorious for not liking change and the most common initial problem that occurs after any global change is not being able to send emails, yet it can still receive emails from your domain names email accounts The most common error it brings back is that it cannot authorise or recognise the outgoing server, (yet it will have recognised the same server fine only seconds before to receive emails!)

A simple solution that usually fixes the problem is to change the outgoing SMTP server setting within the accounts properties section, to that of your connection provider and un-tick the 'outgoing server requires verification' leaving everything else as is.

  • Within the outlook program, select the 'tools' option and scroll to 'Accounts'
  • Highlight the problem account and click 'Properties' or 'Edit'
  • Select the 'Servers' tab and in the 'SMTP outgoing server' field insert the mail server setting of your connection provider (if you don't know what this is you can easily find it either through the settings on your connection providers home page or within the properties section of the email account you have with them set up in your outlook program)
  • Un-tick the 'outgoing server requires verification' as this will have now changed, or if ticked insert the username & password you use with your connection provider.

If after making these changes your outlook program still refuses to send mail from your domain's email account within Outlook you can always use the Webmail interface we provide:  (inserting the whole email address as the username when prompted).

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