Change Webhost Services Provider

Changing Web Hosting Service Provider

Changing Web Hosting Provider How to change web hosting service provider... Information needed to change webhost with minimum disruption and invisible transfer so emails are not lost, and website remains viewable throughout the transfer process.

If you already have a domain name and you wish to transfer your hosting account to us you will need to reset the nameservers at the place of registry to ours ( click-here for name server info ). We can do this for you at no extra charge if you provide us with the username and password issued to you by the current registrar.

If you would prefer your domain name to be transferred to our registrar you will need to obtain the following from the present registrar: for .com .org. .net .info domain names an EPP key is required. For .nz names a UDAI is required all of these we can acquire for you if we are provided with the username & password etc.

All transfers with the exception of .nz work on a confirmation email basis. so the admin contact email address has to be set with the current registrar, to one you can access in order to be able to use the link within or to forward onto us so we can do it for you.

We do not charge to transfer your domain name across to us, but the registrar will make a small charge of $16.95  on .com .net. info & .org names as they insist on adding a further year of registration to it. .nz names can be transferred with no additional registration being added and therefore cost no additional fees.



1) Complete our order form so we can create the hosting account

2) Upload your files to the new account using the servers IP as the FTP host

3) change the Nameservers over to ours (as outlined above) at the present registry.